Ahoj Praha!

In stead of 2 we cycled in 1 day to Prague (93km), our final destination. It was a nice cycleroute, not too difficult neither too hot.

In Poland we didn’t see much cyclists and mostly in the city. In Czech this is totaly different. Al cyclists we see are mountainbikers, in the cities there are less bikers. Most of the Czech cyclists greeted us with “ahoj!” which sounds like we’re in a pirate movie and made us smile :-).

We stayed at the city campsite of Prague, 2km from the city centre, which looked more like a music festival then a family campsite, especially after some heavy rains when the grass was turned into mud.

We had plenty of time to get a good first impression of this big beautiful city, which has a lot of cute streets, old squares, beautiful buildings, nice restaurants and beergardens.
Too bad there are also quite some places with an overload of tourists, who are visiting the castle and staring at the ‘amazing’ anatomical clock.

We had a lot of fun with people who we’ve met at a Couchsurfmeeting, so we met them the days after again for some diners and drinks. A good ending of our cycletrip through Poland and Czech Republic!

In and around Brno

As predicted friday was pretty hot (34ºC) but it were the hills which made this a hard day. Fresh from the start we had to climb a 12% hill directly followed by a less steep but very long climb. Later the day we had a few more hills of 12% and even 14%. We managed it again and we safely arrived in Brno. Because our hosts would be at home later in the afternoon we drove into the city centre which really looked beautiful.

In the evening we went with our hosts (Matej and Bara) and their friends Jan and Micha out for a few beers.

20130805-204333.jpg Saturday should even be warmer (38ºC) so it would be too hot to do anything, so we went for a swim in a nice cold lake next to the railroad, sunbathing on concrete.

20130805-183008.jpg The water was superb. It was the best way to spend this day. Too bad the last white parts of our body turned into red!

After a day of sunbathing we haven’t really seen Brno. Sunday would be as hot as saturday and there would be rain and thunder in the evening, so we decided not to go cycling, but take a try to see the city. The centre is really nice but rather small so one day was enough for us. In the evening we had great homemade (by Bara) strawberry-dumplings and great Czech wine! Our weekend in Brno was a perfect one for us, thanks Matej and Bara!

On monday we took the train to Kutna Hora (60km east of Prague) which is very beautiful and on the Unesco world heritage list.

Yet two days (easy going because of the temperatures) to go to arrive in Prague.

Bye Poland, Hi Czech

After Oswiecim (Auschwitz) we had to cross the border with the Czech Republic. We woke up with heavy winds and rain. The temperature difference between this time and the day before was 20 degrees! Happily it was dry and wind lay down when we left the campsite. On our way we had some light rains but the temperature was ok for cycling, so that was no problem. After 70 kilometers we found the border and like on the border of Lithuania and Latvia we had to cross it illegally. This time we found a real border a few kilometers further.


After 85 kilometers we reached the ‘campsite’ but it looked more like fishermen’s gathering with old trashy caravans. We decided to look for a hotel…

The first morning in Czech was hard, right out our bed and hotel we had to climb a few hills (12%). We got a little scared and decided to take a detour which leaded us over some nice roads.

At the end of the day we had to climb again a few 12% hills this was still hard but far easier then the one in the morning.

Today we took it easy, by accident Koen found a nice cyclelane, on the banks of a river, starting 200m from the campsite which would lead us for 30km to Prerov halfway the distance for this day.

Tomorrow we’ll go to Brno depending on our hosts we’ll have a day of rest or go for a cycletrip to a Czech wineregion!